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Ep. 4 Jennifer Hohman

Photo Credit: Houston20

This week we are proud to host our first Expert Contributor, Jennifer Hohman on The Balanced Voice. In this interview, Jennifer offers “real solutions” to one of the most discusses public safety problem in our nation, human sex trafficking. Jennifer is an every-day community member with a full-time job who has taken it upon herself to bring Houston together to fight to end sex trafficking. Rania and Jennifer breakdown more of the conversation we had in Episode 2 with Lina Nealon, give an overview of the different kinds of trafficking, discuss legislative efforts, and offer parents solutions to mitigate victimization for their children. This raw and honest conversation is one every parent should not miss.

In this episode Rania and Jennifer talk in-depth about the grooming process, or pattern, in which children of all kinds can be groomed and lured to the trafficking world. Below is the pattern Jennifer and her partner in the anti-trafficking world, John Clark have identified.


More About Jennifer:

Formally, Jennifer Hohman is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President at Seadrill, but after she has multiple friends and colleagues whose daughters were groom and lured online she quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the anti-human trafficking space. She is also the Co-Founder of Houston 20, Houston Area Against Trafficking and Oil and Gas Trafficking Group. She has been instrumental in bringing the anti-human trafficking community in Houston together to work alongside each other to determine the gaps in services and collaborate to fill those gaps. She is not only incredible at having “balanced conversations,” but she is even more skilled at offering “real solutions.” We are so honored to have Jennifer as one of our incredible Expert Contributors. We will be sitting down with her to further discuss future conversations and we are lucky to have her!


About Organizations:

Photo Credit: Houston 20

Houston 20: Is a growing group of influential and committed Houstonians who are forming a movement to advocate for the end of sex trafficking and sex trade in our city by supporting the nonprofit organizations providing direct services to victims and survivors

Instagram: @theHouston20

OGTAG: The Oil & Gas Trafficking Awareness Group (OGTAG) was started by oil and gas companies to raise awareness about human trafficking and educate companies about the role they can play in ending it. The group began in 2017 with two energy professionals from two different companies and has grown to represent nearly 20 operators and 35+ service companies. No dues or annual fees are required to participate in OGTAG. Bi-monthly meetings are held in chapter cities to engage the energy industry. Currently, OGTAG has chapters in Houston and Denver. Formed in Houston, Texas, a city well known for being the “epicenter for human trafficking in the U.S.,” OGTAG has added value to the #FightForUS movement / strategy for combating human trafficking and advancing human rights in the city.

Houston Area Against Trafficking: Is a group of nonprofits who collaborate each month to discuss current anti-trafficking needs and to support each other in the fight against human trafficking.


Thank you for following along with The Balanced Voice. The views expressed in each episode are those of the podcast guest and do not necessarily represent the views of The Balanced Voice or Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Thank you to our Episode 4. Sponsors, Brigitte and Bashar Kalai, Hallie Vanderhider, and Sippi and Ajay Khurana .


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