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What Every Parent, Grandparent, Teacher, and Caregiver Needs to Know...

This is the first book with a plan designed to keep kids safe anywhere they go online! In "The Online World: What You Think You Know and What You Don't" Rania Mankarious, Public Safety Expert and CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston, pulls back the curtain to the online world and helps parents take all the intangible gray space that can seem so overwhelming, and turn it into defined territories with boundaries to protect our tweens and teens.


Introducing Rania Mankarious' New Book

Finally! The Plan for Parents and a Solution Kids Can Live With.

Over my years as a public safety expert and CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston, I have spent countless hours actively studying youth and anything that creates danger in their lives.

By far, my greatest area of focus has been the subject matter of this book—the nexus between youth development, their engagement in the online world, inherent risks, the role parents play, the lack of understanding parents might have, and the exploration of strategic and evergreen solutions.


Most experts will tell you that children should not be online, and I agree. However, the fact is that in this day and age, technology will find its way into our children’s lives. This book offers both a comprehensive strategy to teach kids how to be safe while online, and equips parents with knowledge and tools, even if they aren’t so tech-savvy.


You don’t have to send your children blindly into the risky waters of the online world. You can arm them and prepare them strategies they will be excited to follow! 

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Guide you and your child through real discussions about how to safely navigate the online world.

Tool 1

Define with clarity your child's purpose for being online and how they will portray themselves to the online community.  

Tool 2

Pull back the curtain on who really is in their online community, and how to recognize the three red flags everyone should be aware of. 

Tool 3

Make your child aware of the many internal and external dangers of the online world, and develop an exit strategy so they have a plan when a threat come their way.

Tool 4

Teach your child what it means to post safely—and give them a framework they will be excited  to follow!

"The most dangerous neighborhood for your child to be in is in your own house, online."

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Get the resources and lasting tools you need to keep kids safe online.

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