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The Balanced Voice Podcast with Rania Mankarious powered by Crime Stoppers


The Balanced Voice Podcast with Rania Mankarious powered by Crime Stoppers is a podcast for the community by the community and has a mission to facilitate balanced conversations that offer real solutions about today’s most pressing issues. The podcast welcomes local and national leaders to share perspectives on often polarizing issues in a balanced manner. Through these conversations, we hope to educate, empower, and equip our listeners to become active participants in local and national public safety initiatives. 

Our guests bring their unique experience and insight to complex topics such as cyber safety, criminal justice reform, community policing, domestic violence, women’s empowerment, and so much more. Notable guests from seasons one and two include Dave Ward, Bill Balleza, Greg & Gaebri Kelley, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, John Quiñones, Matthew McConaughey, Dominique Sachse, Dr. Laura Berman, and many more. 


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“I firmly believe that regardless of your race, creed or gender, regardless of where you live, work or send your children to school – we all share the same wishes for the health and safety of ourselves and our family. And we all deserve the chance to discuss important and related issues in a balanced manner, with the intent of finding and sharing solutions for all.”