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While there are 1700 Crime Stoppers in cities spanning 32 countries, Crime Stoppers of Houston stands apart. For 40 years, the team has been bridging the gap between law enforcement and citizens, working hand-in-hand with media and other community partners, fighting for the protection of all, making vulnerable populations a priority, and engaging in difficult but balanced, solution-focused, conversations. Whether through research, writing, media interviews, presentations or more - the non-profit’s ‘boots on the ground’ programming continues to meet Houstonians and now Texans where they live, work, study and play.

So why launch a podcast?

2020 has been the year of uncertainty and unforeseen challenges. Nevertheless, Crime Stoppers of Houston has continued to be innovative and expand its reach ensuring the health and safety of all who call Houston and Texas, home. From Covid-related crimes to uprisings across America to questions around defunding the police, issues around safety are taking center stage. As Crime Stoppers of Houston proactively tackles those issues and more, more people are turning to the organization for guidance. It followed that it was time for the team to expand its message and reach.

“I firmly believe that regardless of your race, creed or gender, regardless of where you live, work or send your children to school – we all share the same wishes for the health and safety of ourselves and our family. And we all deserve the chance to discuss important and related issues in a balanced manner, with the intent of finding and sharing solutions for all.” 


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