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Meet Rania


Boston native Rania Mankarious was chosen to head Houston’s leading public safety non-profit organization, Crime Stoppers, in March of 2013. By 2018, she was named the organizations first CEO. 

Thanks to an incredible team, Mankarious’ ongoing legacy has been well established. Described by some as “Crime Stoppers on steroids,” her footprint has elevated the organization to new heights. She’s created the first-ever Crime Stoppers Safe School Institute - a full suite direct service crime prevention program for students, teachers, administrators, counselors, school-based law-enforcement and parents. The Institute’s success got the attention of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Mankarious was tasked with training the entire state of Texas on proactive school safety. In fall 2019, she will launch Crime Stoppers’ first webinar series with local, statewide and national experts. Other firsts for Mankarious include expanding the organization’s Safe Community Program, creating Parents Against Crime and the critically important Fallen Hero Program. 

When asked, Mankarious is most proud of beating the odds and building the first-ever Crime Stoppers headquarters, anywhere in the world, The Dave Ward Building, Crime Stoppers of Houston (Jan. 2017). The public safety, crime prevention facility welcomes community members from all over Houston, the State of Texas and the country. “People told me we could never get the building built, but we believed in the mission and kept going. Meeting by meeting, we raised nearly $24M for public safety, while weaving the brand and our work into the fabric of our community. Not only did we build the historic 30,000 square foot facility, but it has become a hub for community members, media, law enforcement, school administrators, mental health providers, community partners and more.”

Mankarious received a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence completed at the University of Houston Law Center. She also sits on the national team for Safe and Sound Schools: A Sandy Hook Initiative. Citing a personal mission to serve families and engage the public to better society, Mankarious, a wife and mother of three, is leading by example.

Awards and Recognitions 

Houston Business Journal, Most Admired CEO


Innovative Alternatives, Inc., Visionary Leader, Rania Mankarious in Fight Against Human Trafficking


Houston’s Most Stylish People


Women Who Mean Business, Outstanding Nonprofit Business Leader




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