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Ep. 39: Chris McKenna | Online Threats, Pornography, & The Facebook Whistleblower

Threats, predators, and violent pornographic content lurk behind our children’s screens. How can we protect their eyes? As seen in Childhood 2.0, this week Rania Mankarious sits down with Chris McKenna, Founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes, an organization on a mission to create safer digital spaces in partnership with parents and community members. In their powerful sit-down, Chris and Rania tackle online threats, pornography exposures, and predators. They also discuss the Facebook Whistleblower and the fight for legislative protections.


More about Chris McKenna:

A man with never ending energy when it comes to fighting for the safety and protection of children. Chris practices his internet safety tips on his four amazing children and is regularly featured on news, radio, and podcasts for his research. His 2019 US Senate Judiciary Committee testimony was the catalyst for draft legislation and on-going discussion that could radically change online child protection laws and earned PYE the NCOSE Dignity Defense Alert Award in 2020. The PYE team has performed over 1,300 presentations at schools, churches, and nonprofits and was featured in the Childhood 2.0 movie. When not leading PYE, Chris is the Digital Marketing Manager for Covenant Eyes. Other loves include running, family road trips, spreadsheets, nature, and candy.


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