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Ep. 26: Carrie Colbert | Invest in Women

Today on The Balanced Voice we discuss the role of women in entrepreneurship and the challenges women face in this space with our most colorful guest yet, Carrie Colbert. Carrie is the Founding and General Partner at Curate Capital and a local Houston Influencer. After a 17-year career in the energy industry, Carrie left the corporate world to pursue her passion of creative pursuits and business decision making. She now invests in female entrepreneurs and female-driven companies by providing capital, mentorship, and more. In today’s balanced conversation we discuss the need for young women to pursue female mentorship and ultimately answer this question:

How do we eliminate the scarcity mentality and equip women to succeed in all aspects of their lives?

More About Carrie Colbert:

"Carrie's passion lies at the intersection of creative pursuits and business acumen. In addition to being a digital content creator, Carrie invests female entrepreneurs and female-driven companies by providing capital, mentorship, and more. As the founding and general partner at Curate Capital, Carrie strategically sources and scopes deals, advises on macro-level strategic planning, and provides marketing ideas and insights particularly in the realm of influencer marketing and social media usage. With a proven track record of driving results, Carrie is a sought after speaker, panelist, mentor, and advisor. Carrie serves as a Packed Party board member, and she is an officer for the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering executive advisory board. In 2013, she was named the Outstanding Young Engineering Graduate by the UT Cockrell School of Engineering. "

Instagram: @carriec

Twitter: @carriecolbert



Curate Capital has a mission to empower female founders to accelerate their paths to success. Their vision is to challenge the norms & champion our entrepreneurs to bring out their best & our best, while transforming commerce & maximizing returns. If you are seeking investment for our female founded business, check out

Curate Capital HERE!


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