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Ep. 13: John Quinones-Never take no for an answer!

Today on The Balanced Voice we talk about why you should never take no for an answer, using your unique background for good, and the importance of ethics in all things with none other than John Quinones. John needs no introduction, but in case you forgot, he began his career as a radio news editor at KTRH Houston and other local stations before starting as a general assignment corresponded with ABC News, co-Anchoring ABC News Primetime, and hosting his hit show, What Would You Do? In this uplifting conversation, Rania and John talk about everything from John’s path to success and how he has seen media change over the years, to the goodness he has witnessed in community members throughout the years of filming his show. As we approach the end of a challenging year, we hope this conversation restores your hope for humanity and spurs you on to use your gifts to better this world!

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More about John Quinones:

John Quinones is a fifth-generation Mexican American from San Antonio, TX. He started his career as a radio news editor of KTRH Houston, an anchor and reporter for KPRC-TV and WBBM-TV in Chicago. He then became the general assignment corresponded with ABC News, co-anchor of ABC News Primetime, reporter for ABC News, 20/20, Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight and Nightline as well as host of his long-time hit show, What Would You Do? John received the George Foster Peabody Award in 1999, the ABC News, New York, New York, "ABC 2000" award, the ALMA Award from the National Council of La Raza, the CINE award for his report on suicide bombers in Israel, the Gabriel Award, he is a 7-time Emmy Award winner, a recipient of the World Hunger Media Award and a Citation from the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and finally a Pigasus Award recipient, 2005, ABC's Primetime Live, for its credulous "John of God " special, about Brazilian "psychic surgeon" João Teixeira.

Follow him online:

Instagram: @johnquinones

Twitter: @JohnQABC

What would you do is a hidden camera show that confronts everyday community members with some of life’s most interesting dilemmas and films their response.

Instagram: @wwydABC

Twitter: @WWYDABC


In this episode with John, we ask about bias in the media. Gallup and Knight polled more than 20,000 U.S. adults in “American Views 2020: Trust, Media, and Democracy.” Here are some of their findings. What do you think about media today? Is it biased? Is it important to our democracy?

  • 81% of Americans say news media is “critical” or “very important” to democracy.

  • 46% of American see “a great deal” of political bias in news coverage.

  • 68% of Americans say they see too much bias in the reporting of news that is supposed to be objective as a “major problem”

You can read the entire Gallup and Knight study here.

Thank you for following along with The Balanced Voice. The views expressed in each episode are those of the podcast guest and do not necessarily represent the views of The Balanced Voice or Crime Stoppers of Houston.

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