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Ep. 37: Tina Stanley | Advocating for her Daughter

This week on The Balanced Voice Podcast, powered by Crime Stoppers of Houston, host Rania Mankarious welcomes Tina Stanley, a San Antonio parent who was forced to turn into a fierce advocate after learning her middle school child was in a serious inappropriate relationship with a teacher.

Tina walks us through the severe trauma her child experienced and what she learned to demand from the district in order to make meaningful change. Not only did Tina turn tragedy into empowerment for her young daughter, she has since been influential in passing legislation protecting students in 16 states.

In this episode, Tina also shares evergreen tools that help parents navigate an array of school situations - including protecting children from bullying.

This episode features so many important resources and talking points for parents and Crime Stoppers of Houston encourages all parents to watch.


Thank you for following along with The Balanced Voice. The views expressed in each episode are those of the podcast guest and do not necessarily represent the views of The Balanced Voice or Crime Stoppers of Houston.


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