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Ep. 25: Dominique Sachse | Grace-Filled Influencing

Our culture is hyper consumed with stardom and popularity, “influencing” as a profession has been made reality, and the idea of forgiveness and grace has seemingly been eliminated altogether. Today on The Balanced Voice, we sit down for a refreshing and grace filled conversation with one of our long-time partners, Dominique Sachse. Dominique has been an evening news anchor at Houston’s KPRC Channel 2 for 25 years, she’s a wife, a mother, a well-respected influencer with more than 1.4 MILLION subscribers on YouTube, and she embodies all things good and empowering about Houston. In today’s conversation Dominique shares her journey through her life’s most fulfilling accomplishment and we ultimately answer this question:

“How do we as women exemplify grace filled influencing and in turn raise up a generation who stands firm in their convictions.”

More About Dominique Sachse:

"I’ve been a broadcast journalist since 1993 and my road here was off the beaten path, especially in this business at that time. I began as a Metro Traffic reporter for a variety of radio stations in 1990. One of them, Mix 96.5, hired me as a disc jockey, where I worked overnights and then late nights. I jumped ship and came to Channel 2 for the morning show traffic position. While there, I gave it my all, filling in on the anchor desk one week. New management noticed and I’ve been at that desk, at different time periods, ever since."

Instagram: @dominiquesachse

YouTube: Dominique Sachse


Dominique's YouTube page shares what she's learned over her 25 years in TV news, about styling her own hair, makeup and wardrobe, but she also approaches other life chapters like organization, confidence, creating a happy and beautiful home, all while blending in a little faith and encouragement along the way. Check it out!


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