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Ep. 20: Dr. Jon Stevens | Healthy Tech Habits

We all want our children to be healthy. That is why we teach them about nutritious foods and encourage them to exercise, its why we don’t allow them to survive on ice cream and candy alone. But what about their mental, emotional, and social health? How do we teach them healthy habits in a modern world fully of technology? In today’s balanced conversation with Dr. Joh Stevens, who is the Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Chief of Outpatient Services of the Menninger clinic, we discuss everything from when to get your child a cell phone and what you should consider before doing so to how young people are being affected mentally by our modern world. Ultimately, we answer this question:

How do we help our youth develop a healthy relationship with technology?

More about Dr. Stevens:

In addition to his roles at Menninger, Dr. Stevens is an assistant professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine. He also serves as principal investigator for BridgeUp at Menninger, a major initiative to improve the mental health and well-being of disadvantaged youth in the greater Houston area.

Board certified in adult psychiatry as well as child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Stevens is a former physician-in-charge at Henry Ford Health Systems' Dearborn clinic and a former clinical assistant professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. He is also the former medical director of the pediatric psychiatry inpatient unit at North Shore Medical Center in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Twitter: @MenningerClinic

Facebook: @MenningerClinic



Crime Stoppers of Houston remains committed to Cyber Safety Education. Our Safe Community Program and Safe School Institute have partnered together to create a series of resources to aid you in creating health technology habits for your family. Click the images below to view the full resource guide.

Check out our Cyber Safety YouTube series in partnership with T-Mobile. These brief videos discuss the most dangers components of popular social media platforms and shows how to utilize safety settings to mitigate victimization.


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