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Ep. 18: Governor Greg Abbott | Safety For All

According to Law Insider Public Safety means anything which is injurious to the safety or health of an entire community or neighborhood, or any considerable number of persons.... Nowhere in that definition are politics addressed. At Crime Stoppers of Houston we believe in safety for all because we think your family matters just as much as ours does. Beginning in 2018 we noticed something potentially injurious to the safety or our entire community—the release of repeat violent felony offenders. Since our discovery, we have identified 91 victims who have lost their life to people who were released in Harris County on multiple felony bonds or Personal Recognizance bonds, had a bond forfeiture, or who had a motion to revoke bond denied. Of those 91 victims, 70 were male, 18 were female, and 3 were unborn.

Today on The Balanced Voice we were honored to sit down with to discuss public safety for all Texans. We not only covered felony bond reform, but also the push to “defund the police” that has seemingly swept our nation. We talked about homelessness in Texas, and ultimately answered this question:

Why has public safety become a political topic and does that come at the cost of safety for all?

Recently Governor Abbott has spoken out about felony bond reform, an issue that Crime Stoppers of Houston has been sounding the alarm on for over a year. Check out his tweet in support of our work! Thank you so much to Governor Abbott for your ongoing support and willingness to aid us in our fight for safety for all!


Houston Area Crime Trends and Felony Bond Reform

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new webpage dedicated to keeping our community informed on the latest Houston area crime trends and on our felony bond reform findings. Visit our website by clicking any of the images below to learn more!


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