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Ep. 11 Dr. Lauren Pinkston- Tensions of Learning and Unlearning

Today on The Balanced Voice we welcome Dr. Lauren Pinkston to talk about how she has successfully “[protected] hospitable spaces to virtually wrestle through the tensions of learning and unlearning.” Dr. Pinkston is the voice behind the growing Instagram platform @upwardlydependant, an Assistant Professor of Business as Mission at Lipscomb University, the Executive Director of Kindred Exchange—a nonprofit with a purpose to provide an alternative to traditional short-term missions that promotes sustainability, empathy, and authentic cross-cultural engagement. In today’s conversation, Rania and Lauren talk about everything from how Lauren has cultivated a spaces for respectful dialogue one some of our world’s most polarizing subjects, engaged Gen Z in healthy and productive conversations, what it is like to raise a mixed family, and so much more. We hope today’s conversation gives you some helpful tools to engage in balanced dialogue with those around you.

Photo Credit: Dr. Pinkston's Instagram

More about Dr. Lauren Pinkston:

Dr. Pinkston and her family recently moved back to America from Southeast Asia where they lived from 2014-2019. She has a son and two daughters, one of whom was adopted from Uganda. Dr. Pinkston received her Ph.D. from Clemson University where she discovered business as a means for community development. Her research focuses on the intersection of human trafficking and the business model canvassing. Recently, Dr. Pinkston founded her nonprofit, Kindred Exchange as a response to her personal, academic, and professional experiences. She is currently a research lead with Freedom Business Alliance and serves at Lipscomb university as an Assistant Professor of Business as Mission and as a liaison between Missions and the College of Business.

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