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Ep. 10: Bre Lasley-You Are Worth Fighting For!

Bre Lasley is a woman changing the meaning of self-defense. As a young, attempted murder survivor, Bre has made it her mission to educate people on self-defense from a holistic approach. She started her campaign as a brand called Fight Like Girls and just this week has grown that movement into an incredible movement called The Bia Movement. The Bia Movement is “disrupting the conversation, approach and practice around self-defense by first putting the onus where it belongs-on the attacker.” We are ecstatic to have Bre on The Balanced Voice today during this special week of growth and expansion because as Bre says,


-Bre Lasley, The Bia Movement

More about Bre Lasley:

At 28 years old Bre and her little sister survived an attempted murder by a stranger who crawled through her window in the middle of the night. Her attacker was a man living in a halfway house nearby who had been gone and unaccounted for from the halfway house for many hours. She and her sister called 911 no one was dispatched to the scene because the 911 opperating company said an address could not be made out in her call. Listen to her 911 calls below:

Bre says she survived because of “love and punches.” Ultimately, after a long fight, an officer who happened to be passing by entered the scene and fatally shot her attacker. We are so glad that Bre is here to help us learn to fight for ourselves because we agree with her--“every single person is worth fighting for.”

Instagram: @thebiamovement_


Bre has many incredible resources that we hope you utilize. For a full list of resources, check out The Bia Movement at

Mental and Emotional Suggestions:

· Honor your intuition

· Make noise

· Fight back

· Find hope

· Help yourself

· All for space for all emotions

· Help others

· Disrupt the conversation

· Heal

Self-Defense Tools and Resources:

All Images below are courtesy of The Bia Movement.

Bia Defense Workbook (Pre-Order)

Go Guarded Ring

Go Guarded Hand Held + Pepper Spray

Keychain Alarm

Portable Door Lock

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