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Crime Prevention Expert Rania Mankarious on KPRC Houston

This is a difficult conversation to have but we must have it and I was thankful to have it with Khambrel Marshal KPRC Houston Newsmakers

* The repeated release of violent criminals is destroying our city.

* When other cities defunded their police agencies, Houston increased HPDs budget by 13 % - we are thankful for our Mayor and Chief of police for navigating those national issues with wisdom and strategy.

* That said, law enforcement faces another issue. They cannot do their job when most arrests (I’m only focused on felony offenders) are followed by releases.

* This cannot continue.

* Our courts need to get moving.

* Our elected officials in the courthouse, whom we are appreciative of and thankful for, need to enforce public safety.

* We need speedy trials, fair trials, and appropriate punishment.

* We need rehabilitation for those who will spend time in prison.

* And in these specific cases, where we are dealing with habitual, violent, felony offenders - neither money, race, gender, religion or Covid should be used against victims or the community.

* And regarding releasing inmates due to Covid, can we start with those who have served the “longest sentences” for the “least dangerous crimes?” We know historically, punishments were not always fair. Find those cases, make it right.

*But the repeated release of these current active and dangerous defendants is killing us.

** And by the way, our leaders are talking about guns on our streets and the record impact. Knowing what they know, why have we essentially decriminalized BMV? Do you know what the #1 item stolen from cars in Harris County is? Your gun.

This incredible city, with these incredible leaders, can and must do better. People are watching, we are willing to do the work to make this right.

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