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Ranina Mankarious | Houston TX | Safety Expert




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Rania Mankarious MA, JD

Rania Mankarious is a writer, on-air analyst, and CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston. Lover of people, their stories and our future, she has been seen and heard on national/local TV and radio for over a decade as a legal, family, crime, mental health, and parenting expert. She has a weekly column: Sunday Mornings with Rania and is the host of The Balanced Voice Podcast. A widely recognized face and voice, Mankarious has been known to break stories locally and nationally that hit the core of what women and families care about.

Industry Highlights


The Balanced Voice, A Crime Stoppers Podcast

Hosted by Crime Stoppers of Houston’s CEO, the mission of this podcast is to have balanced conversations with local and national newsmakers that offer real solutions to our nation’s most pressing issues.

Speaking Engagements

As an expert in public safety, Rania has spoken to numerous groups and organizations.


Work with Rania

With an eye for trends, and understanding of the law and a handle on politics, Mankarious is an avid believer in crime prevention education. Running the largest public safety non-profit in the fourth largest city in the USA, she sits at the forefront of keeping all kids, families, homes, schools, neighborhoods, businesses and communities safe, both on and offline.

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